Referee Belt pack-pair the belt pack image (Beltpack1_Extract) with the close up of the microphone attached to lanyard (Whistles1-article Large) and the clock start (ref_back_count) with the following:

The Precision Time System has two major components

The Referee Belt Pack worn by all officials includes a Microphone that detects the referee’s whistle, stopping the clock instantly-and also a clock start button that gives the on-court officials the capability to be the primary clock operators-uses state of the art wireless radio technology to ensure secure and reliable communication to our Base station.

Our current technology uses digital sampling to identify the whistle within the extreme acoustic environments of a typical arena and at the speed of light stops the clock, eliminating the delay that is unavoidable when using only a timekeeper and their eyes and ears.

Base Station graphic-pair the extracted base station pic (PTS-900BSExtract copy) with the Ingame screen (ActiveScreenRotate……………)

The Base Station is the command center of the system-receives the signals from the referee belt packs and interfaces with the scoreboard controller at the arena.  Includes Clock Stop/Start controls for the timekeeper, whom is still an integral part of the clock operation.  Also includes easy to see onboard diagnostics of belt pack connectivity as well as Ingame clock operation.

The Base Station also records every clock event within the contest and generates a file that can be downloaded for review.  The event file can also be used to correct any clock errors that occur within the contest.

The Base Station is designed to “plug and play” with most current scoreboard makes, and can be engineered to interface with virtually any scoreboard controller made.